Responsibilities and Procedures

Youth in Custody:

  • YIC includes all students in State’s custody (foster care, Juvenile Justice System (JJS), Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS), etc.) regardless of their level of educational service.
  • The YIC student’s caseworker must submit intake documents to Student Support Services.
  • Student Advocacy and Access, in conjunction with the student’s caseworker, will determine the appropriate school placement.
  • Student Advocacy and Access will notify the receiving school and supply them with registration information.
  • Student Advocacy and Access will gather missing or additional student information needed to complete the student school file. (State YIC policy prohibits the delay of a student’s enrollment due to missing documents).
  • If the student’s placement school has a YIC program, the instructor of that program will schedule an intake appointment with the caseworker and other appropriate school staff.
  • If the student is placed in a school without a YIC program, Student Advocacy and Access will forward intake information to the registrar of that location. The student’s caseworker will be notified to proceed with registration.
  • Please contact Student Advocacy and Access if any YIC student attempts to enroll without following proper procedure.


Long-term Home & Hospital:

  • Over 45 days (no 45 day suspensions will be placed in Long-term Home & Hospital)
  • Long-Term H&H request form faxed to the Student Advocacy and Access Office
  • Medical Professional’s note or suspension paperwork faxed to Student Advocacy and Access Office
  • Qualifying students will withdraw from their home school and enroll in the Canyons Long-term Home & Hospital program upon approval.
  • Qualifying students are served through Student Advocacy and Access.

Short-term Home & Hospital:

  • 45 days and under
  • Approved by principal
  • Students are served through the home school’s Short-term Home & Hospital program (students have a regular class schedule).
  • Send the “Request for Home and Hospital Instruction”, doctor’s verification, and the “Home and Hospital Teaching Record” copies to the Legal Services office at the 300 east building. Teaching records must be received by the second working day of each month in order to receive payment that month.