SCC Compliance

These items are audited 2-3 times per school year. These items are legally required and the items that the public can most readily see. Please keep them current on your school SCC webpage.
1. Post Council members names and contact info
a. Keep updated with any changes throughout the school year).
b. Must also be updated on State SCC website.
2. Post meeting schedule for the entire school year
3. Report to parents on how LAND Trust funds were used in the prior year and what they achieved (final report from October)
4. Post approved minutes from the last 3 years
5. Post the Rules of Order & Procedure and/or Bylaws by which your SCC operates
6. Post the dollar amounts received each year
a. This is a simple sentence in the opening paragraph of your SCC webpage that states, “In the 20__ school year, “x” school received $xx,xxx amount of LAND Trust dollars.”    
Opportunities for parents to serve on SCC and how they can directly influence the expenditure of funds.
1. 1 week prior to your next SCC meeting you should post on your website and a hard copy on your office or school door:
a. Upcoming meeting agenda
b. Notice of meeting time, place and date
c. Draft minutes from previous meetings
In the fall, by October 20th
1. The principal enters reports on the website:
a. Membership with names and email addresses of the current SCC members
b. Signed principal assurance that the councils properly constituted and that elections and subsequent appointments were made according to the law and board rule
c.   Final Report on last year’s implementation with measurable results
In the spring (district selects this date)
1. Principal enters on the state website:
a. Progress Report for the School LAND Trust program for the current year
b. School Plan for the School LAND Trust program for next year
c. Committee Signature Form
2. Board of Education approves plans after review and any necessary amendments