Canyons District School Community Councils
2018-19 Timeline

August/September 2018

Complete Elections (may be done in spring)
Organize School Council

  • Elect Chair and Vice Chair
  • Establish rules of order and procedure
  • Set meeting dates for year
  • Review requirements for Open and public meetings requirements
  • Review Bylaws (if applicable) and/or Rules of Order & Procedure

September/October 2018

  • Membership rosters due to District office as soon as established
  • Attend SCC Training provided by District
  • Review School Data
  • By Oct. 20th: Principal posts on website: proposed meeting schedule for year, names of council members and contact info, final report from 2017-18, how goals were met and how money was spent; how dollars were budgeted and actual expenditures
  • Council receives summary of Final Report
  • Principal enter fall reports on state website & adds to school website
  • Councils reviews current CSIP & LAND Trust plan for implementation & preparation to work towards current year plan
  • Report sent home to each family via email or other source for those without email about LAND Trust Plan
  • SCC Initiates Digital Citizenship discussion and prepares report back to School Performance
  • October will be Student Safety Month in Canyons – align Dig Citizenship training and discussion accordingly
  • Receive school report of safety drills & budget for current year plan
  • Principal explain to SCC who the school’s Living Leader is and what they do.


November/December 2018

  • Continue to review school data
  • Digital Citizenship requests for information answered in SCC meeting
  • Finalize Digital Citizenship plan and submit to School Performance
  • Receive school report of safety drills & budget for current year plan


January/February 2019

  • Begin writing CSIP and LAND Trust Plan for upcoming school year
  • Update SCC roster on website and state site; update district
  • Discuss professional development expenditures needed to support goals
  • Discuss Child Access Routing Plan (SNAP) if applicable
  • Receive school report of safety drills & budget for current year plan



March/April 2019

  • Finalize development of CSIP & LAND Trust plans for next school year
  • April 10, CSIP & LAND Trust plan and signature page due to district
  • LAND Trust Plans available for review Board of Education
  • Any necessary changes communicated to SCCs
  • Discuss elections, ballots, open seats; especially if elections are in the spring
  • Receive school report of safety drills & budget for current year plan


May 2019

  • Before May 15, Board of Education reviews and approves CSIP & LAND Trust plan
  • Receive school report of safety drills
  • Assure that the current year LAND Trust budget was spent the way your SCC planned.
  • By May 15 LAND Trust plan uploaded to state
  • Publicize your work to school community and legislators

July/August 2019

  • Distribution of School LAND Trust Funds to districts for all school with approved plans