Assessment Type

Academic Measures

Grade Levels


English, Reading, Math and Science

All students in 11th grade


Reading, Math Computation, and Math Application

All students Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Students reading below benchmark 4th through 12th grade

Reading Inventory

Reading Comprehension

All students 4th-10th grade

Math Inventory

Mathematical Reasoning

All students 6th – 9th grade

Common Formative Assessment

DWSBA (District-Wide Standards Based Assessment)
English, Math, Science, World Languages

English – all students grades 1st through 12th

Math – all students grades 1st through 11th

Science – middle school science 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade; high school science - Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

State Assessments: 

SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence)

As of 2018-19:

RISE  (grades 3-8)

Utah Aspire Plus (grade 9-10)

English Language Arts, Math, and Science

English Language Arts – all students grades 3rd through 10th

Math – all students grades 3rd through 11 (including Secondary I, II, and III)

Science – all students grades 4th through 10th (including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)