Local Input on District Issues

IMG 2015The Canyons Board of Education may ask for input from any or all of the School Community Councils on items being studied by the board.  (See, CSD Board Policy-KCE—School Community Councils—R (2)-listed below).  The Board of Education values SCC input on items impacting the district as a whole and individual schools or communities in particular. 

Canyon District Policy, KCE – School Community Councils, states:
Administrative Regulation—KCE—R: (Authority of the Council).  
1. The authority of the school community council does not supersede the authority of the principal, the Superintendent, or the Board of Education.
2. The Board of Education may ask school community councils for information to inform Board decisions and may ask school community councils to address local issues at the school community council level before bringing those issues to the Board.
2.1. School community councils serve to advise and make recommendations to school and district administrators regarding school and district programs and plans. Parental participation is an essential component in school decision-making.
2.2. The school community council is an advisory, not a policy-making, body.
2.3. Issues outside the scope of the school community council’s authority shall include state laws, district policies, student discipline, curriculum, personnel, and any issue delegated to the Board or another educational organization. However, a principal or school administrator may not prohibit or discourage a school community council from discussing issues, or offering advice or recommendations regarding the school and its programs, the curriculum, or the community environment for students.