One role of Community Councils is to communicate with your school population. SCCs are required by statute to communicate:
  1. Notice of elections, including dates and procedures, and number of open seats
  2. The school’s academic goals
  3. An annual report of your Trust LAND plan, detailing the distribution of money to your school, academic goals you set, how you will measure success and expenditures that your SCC made
You may also want to communicate:
  1. SCC successes; which goals that you set did you see improvement in?
  2. District and academic news
  3. History and information about the LAND Trust
  4. Issues the Board of Education has asked the SCC for feedback on
  5. Introductions of SCC members
Your parents should hear from you what academic areas your SCC is addressing, how you plan to address them and how the LAND Trust money is being allocated to improve academic achievement at your school.

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