Effective Meetings

Meeting Requirements

SCC meetings may never be closed.  The law spells out many requirements for conducting meetings and transactions during meetings. The law pertaining to SCC meetings may be found in the Law and Rules section of this handbook under

School Community Councils – Open and Public Meeting Requirements.

IMG 7028SCC Meeting Format and Conduct Suggestions
  • Respect others in verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Participate in the “big” conversation, rather than side conversations
  • Be recognized by the Chair before addressing the group
  • Meetings should begin on time, use time wisely and finish on time.
  • Remain focused on the agenda during meetings.
  • Avoid disruption by silencing cell phones and taking necessary calls out of the room during meetings.
  • Come prepared to participate in the discussion.
  • If a guest or SCC member brings up business that is not on the agenda, it may be heard & discussed, but no decisions made until it is properly noticed on an agenda.