The law requires that every SCC should have established Rules or Order & Procedure, that these rules should be reviewed each year and the SCC trained in them and that they should be published on the school SCC website.

Schools are encouraged to adopt bylaws. A school would do this to clarify certain areas that go beyond basic Rules or Order & Procedure and may be used in conjunction with these Rules or may be in place of the Rules.

Bylaws suggestions:
(for suggestion purposes only, the SCC should decide what they wish to include):

  • Official name of organization
  • A reference to the governing laws for SCCs:
    • Utah Code
    • Utah State Board of Education Rule
    • Canyons Board of Education Policy
  • Standing Rules – this is the section that would replace the Rules of Order & Procedure
    • Elections
      • Set total number of available seats
    • Attendance
    • How meetings will run/Robert’s Rules
    • Define a quorum
    • Expected meeting schedule for the year
    • Roles:
      • chair and vice chair
      • Other
        • Secretary
        • Counselor
        • Others: ex-officio which would be non-voting
    • May not close meetings
    • How to establish sub-committees and the guidelines they function under
    • Guests and how they would bring topics of concern to the SCC
    • Agendas
  • Membership:
  • Follow law and then add a maximum. If no maximum added then everyone who wishes may serve on the SCC.
  • Attendance expectations
  • Replacing a member
  • Term of Chair (if desired, if not term would be yearly)
  • Election:
  • Many have chosen to include alternates, which will be appointed if a vacancy becomes available.
  • Should attendance for alternates be included?
  • Conflicts of interest
    • Recodification
    • Open meetings law
    • Canyons policy vs state law and rule
  • Standing Rules (in place of rules of order and procedure)
    • Elections
      • Set total number of available seats
    • Attendance
    • How meetings will run
    • Define a quorum
    • Meeting schedule
    • Roles:
      • Chair and Vice-chair
      • Others; elected or ex-officio
    • May not close meetings
    • Subcommittees
    • Roberts Rules
    • Guests/agendas/how to address the SCC
  • Date SCC last amended
  • In bylaws, if not already:

            1 week prior to a meeting, must post on website

    • A notice of the meeting, time, and place;
    • An agenda for the meeting; and
    • The minutes of the previous meeting (this one is not in many of the bylaws
  • Date SCC last amended