The School Principal and their Role on the School Community Council
The school principal is the Chief Executive Officer and instructional leader of the school. He or she is responsible for providing clear expectations for faculty and other school employees, to create an atmosphere of trust and enthusiasm, to provide opportunities for employees to succeed and grow, and to reward excellence and progress toward excellence. In addition, as managers, principals are expected to assure the legal compliance of school processes, to be accountable for all fiscal matters, and to manage human and other resources while creating a safe, creative, and productive school. They encourage participation from students, staff, parents, and the community as they work toward having a successful school of which all can be proud. Principals are responsible to the district administration and have many specific responsibilities and timelines related to school community councils but may not act as chair, vice-chair or co-chair.

A Checklist for Principals in their Role as a School Community Council Member
• Have a working knowledge of R277-491 School Community Councils and R277-477 Distribution of Funds from the Interest and Dividend Account (School LAND Trust Funds) and Administration of the School LAND Trust Program.
• Provide notice of the annual School Community Council (SCC) elections, oversee the elections and provide an assurance that the elections, and subsequent appointments of unfilled postions, were conducted according to the law.
• Make copies of the School Mission Statement, and any district policies and timelines applicable to school community councils, available to the SCC. Encourage councils to support the goals in the School Mission Statement in school plans the council is responsible for.
• Show a training video from the School LAND Trust website in a faculty meeting annually and explain in the meeting how the school is using School LAND Trust funds
• Make assessments of stakeholders, school and community.
• Insure that data is collected, evaluated, and utilized by the school and the SCC in their decision making process.
• Insure that the law pertaining to use of the school’s share of the proceeds from the permanent fund are followed.
• Provide meaningful time for faculty and community in-service.
• Provide tools and dates for effective assessment.
• Be a model for collaboration.
• Build and nurture school partnerships with the community.
• Support the council in discussing issues of interest that are not inconsistent with Utah law, board rule or district policy.
• Complete the forms, assurances and reports required for school plans the school community council is responsible for.
• Assist the council chair in completing the requirements of the chair outlined in board rules.
• Assure that required school website information is posted according to required timelines.
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