A Checklist for School Community Council Officers

Responsibilities of the chair may be delegated to members of the council, as reasonable and needed. The chair is responsible to be sure delegated assignments are completed. The principal supports the officers in completing the requirements in the law and board rule.
• Prepare School Community Council Agendas, honor agendas and time constraints. Items needing action must be included on the agenda and a quorum (majority) of the council must be present to vote.
• Conduct School Community Council Meetings, encouraging participation by all members
• Assure minutes are kept, taking special care to assure motions and votes are accurately recorded. Votes on approval of the School LAND Trust plan need to be kept by the number voting for, against and absent. Minutes are prepared for posting on the school website.
• Prepare a yearly timeline that includes all required (and other) tasks to assist in preparation of each agenda, assuring councils have the necessary lead time to complete responsibilities, including the following:
• review of school data, assessments (as they are made available) and demographic information
• review of current plan implementation, preparation, amending and voting on required new plans, before they are submitted to the local school board
• tasks related to member elections, filling vacant positions after an election, and election of officers
• Provide opportunities for increased involvement of parents and school employees by encouraging issues of concern to be heard and considered by the council, to include non-elected parents and staff on task forces and subcommittees, as needed, and provide input to administration and the local school board of needs and issues of the school and school community.
• Encourage and model collaboration.
• Establish clear, written procedures and timelines consistent with Utah law, board rules, and local board policies about member and officer elections and other procedures councils are responsible for, including rules outlining parliamentary order and procedure, ethical behavior and civil discourse.

With assistance from the school administration, the chair shall:
• Assure that all meetings are open to the public and encourage participation by parents and school employees.
• Assure training is provided to the council about their responsibilities, understanding assessments, mission and goals of the district and school, and resources available on the School LAND Trust website.
• On behalf of the council, provide ongoing support for implementation of approved school action plans.
• Provide notice to parents by posting the following information on the school website, in the school office and to parents without access to the internet. Posting of election information is encouraged.
o At least one week prior to council meetings - Agenda and draft minutes of the prior meeting.
o By August 15th of each year –
 Meeting schedule of council meetings for the year
 List of school community council members, including contact email and/or phone numbers
 Summary of the School LAND Trust Program Final Report each fall for the prior year.
o Always
 Statement about the opportunity for parents to serve on the school community council and make decisions about the School LAND Trust Program funding.
 Funding amounts for each year from the School LAND Trust Program (link to School LAND Trust website SCHOOL Funding page)
 Rules of Order and Procedure
 Information about electronic voting if the school uses the process for their council elections.
• Work with the principal to provide notice of the election at least 10 days in advance to parents and staff of council positions that are up for election, how to apply, the date, time and location of the election. The election may be conducted in the spring if it is completed prior to the last week of the school year OR near the beginning of the school year. The time of the election should be consistent for at least four years. If the council chooses to hold the election in the spring, all parents who would vote if the election were held in the fall are encouraged to file, run and vote.
September 2013