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SAGE – Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence

Beginning in April 2014, Utah students took new, online tests required by the State Board of Education. The tests are called SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence), and replaced Utah’s longstanding Criterion Referenced Tests (CRTs).

SAGE was designed to measure students’ understanding of the new Utah Core Standards in math and English language arts, as well as students’ understanding of Utah's Science Standards.  SAGE was developed because the CRTs did not have a strong match to the new Core Standards.

What is SAGE?

SAGE is an online adaptive test that will more accurately measure the full range of student grade-level knowledge and skills.  SAGE is not solely a multiple-choice test.  SAGE requires students to write, construct math equations, build graphs, and even conduct experiments on the computer.  These tasks require students to apply knowledge consistent with Utah's new standards. 

SAGE is an adaptive test.  Each question a student receives is dependent on the correctness of answers to previous questions.  Therefore, the order of test questions and specific questions posed are unique to each student.  Although questions answered may differ from student to student, SAGE will assess all students on all standards equally, and will give all students opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills.

Why did the state change the standards?

The state adopted the Utah Core Standards in 2010 to ensure that all students will be ready for college, careers, and everyday life when they graduate from high school. The standards emphasize deeper analysis and problem-solving skills to prepare students to become informed consumers, critical thinkers, and develop the skills needed for tomorrow’s workforce. View State's plan for Acacdemic Excellence.

Can parents view SAGE test questions?

Yes!  We encourage all parents to view the grade-level SAGE practice tests in math, English language arts and science. Visit the State Office of Education’s SAGE portal, and click on the Training Tests box that has an image of a bicycle. Next, click Sign In.  You do not need to provide any information.

What are some key features SAGE?

  1. Standards-based adaptive assessment
      • Assesses all students’ skills
  2. Accessible to all students
      • Embedded supports and accommodations, such as the use of sign language for children with hearing impairments, ensure testing fairness for all students.
  3. Immediate reporting (spring 2015)
      • Teachers will receive feedback from SAGE so they can tailor their instruction to meet student needs.   

Who developed SAGE?

  • SAGE was custom-built for the State of Utah
  • Through a competitive bid process, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) was awarded the contract in November 2012.
  • Utah educators helped develop the test in fall 2013. Utah educators participated in 10 workshops in which they wrote original test questions to measure student understanding of Utah Core Standards in Math, English Language Arts and Science.
In November 2013, Utah parents were involved in reviewing and approving thousands of SAGE test questions.

Can SAGE be compared to the Core CRTs?

No. Results are not comparable. SAGE serves as a new baseline for students, teachers and schools. 

SAGE measures the new Utah Core Standards, which are more rigorous than the previous state standards. Because of this difference, and the degree to which students will be asked to apply what they have learned, student scores on the SAGE will not follow previous trends. SAGE results were released for the first time in fall 2014.