Starting this week, all Canyons District parents will be able to access their students’ SAGE test results online. Results will be posted June 16, 2016 to the same Skyward Family Access accounts used for annual online registration. This will ensure that the information is kept secure while making it more immediately accessible to families now that school is out for the summer.

To access your Skyward account:

o   Visit http://www.canyonsdistrict.org.

o   Click on the Skyward link on the menu located on the right side of the screen. 

o   Choose the Family Access tab on the top left of the new window.

o   Use your guardian or student username and password to log in to Skyward Family Access.

o   Click on the “Portfolio” tab to view your child's SAGE results and your child’s report card.

Need help with Skyward Family Access? Here's a tutorial

Five CSD schools — Midvale Middle School and Sandy, Copperview, East Midvale, and Midvale elementary schools — have opted to provide parents with paper copies of their children’s SAGE test results. Paper-copy results will be mailed to parents on June 16, the same day they are posted to Skyward Family Access.

SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence) is a state-mandated, computer adaptive year-end assessment designed to measure student progress against Utah’s educational standards. Information about the test and how to interpret results can be found here.  Should you have further questions, please ask your school leaders or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Two Canyons District elementary schools — Granite and Sunrise elementaries — were ranked in Utah’s top 25 highest-performing schools in all three subject areas of the 2015 statewide SAGE exam, with Granite Elementary ranked among Utah’s top five highest-performing schools.

Overall,  CSD schools appear 16 times in Utah’s Top 25 rankings of elementary, middle and high school student performance on the SAGE math, science, and English language arts exams, as published in the Deseret News on Monday, Aug. 31, 2015. The News created top 25 lists for each school level (elementary, middle and high school) and tested subject.

From a districtwide perspective, CSD students overall showed growth in 20 of 25 tests administered over the past two years, and outperformed the state in 22 of 26 tests administered this year. This is the first year CSD administered the Math 3 test to high school students.

“We are pleased with the overall performance of Canyons students on the SAGE exams. We especially wish to congratulate our schools that have been ranked as among Utah’s best, as well as all of our teachers and school administrators for focusing on continued improvement in student achievement,” Canyons Superintendent Dr. Jim Briscoe said. “That said, we know that we still have work to do. The Administration is examining student SAGE performance in greater depth to determine how the data can be used improve student achievement across the board.”

In the Deseret News report, Granite Elementary was ranked in Utah’s top five highest-performing schools in all SAGE subjects tested. Granite ranked No. 5 in math with 78.8 percent proficiency; No. 3 in English language arts with 78.8 percent proficiency; and No. 2 in science with 80.3 percent proficiency.  The Salt Lake Tribune also listed Granite Elementary in the top 5 of all Utah schools’ performance in all three subject areas.

Sunrise Elementary was ranked No. 16 in math with 73 percent proficiency; No. 7 in English language arts with 72.5 percent proficiency; and No. 6 in science with 76.8 percent proficiency.

Among middle schools, CSD’s Draper Park ranked No. 5 in English language arts  with 62.8 percent proficiency and No. 5 in science with 73 percent proficiency.

Also breaking Utah’s top 10 are Brookwood Elementary, ranked No. 4 in science in science with 77.1  percent proficiency; and Willow Springs Elementary ranked No. 10 in English language arts in English language arts with 70.9 percent proficiency.

Albion Middle also appeared twice in Utah’s middle school rankings, as No. 22 in math and No. 17 in English language arts.

Other CSD schools appearing in the top 25 highest-performing schools are:

Draper Park Middle School Ranked No. 1 - Language Arts

Granite Elementary School Ranked No. 1 - Science

Canyons School District students on average outperformed their Utah peers on most of the SAGE tests, in some areas by as many as 13 percentage points.

"This is an encouraging beginning for the District on these more rigorous state standards and assessments," said Dr. Jim Briscoe, Superintendent of Canyons School District. "The data reflect the hard work of our teachers in implementing the state standards and effectively utilizing our District curriculum, as well as their focus on research-based instructional practices. This strong achievement baseline indicates we are headed in the right direction with our Academic Plan."

State SAGE results are available for all school districts and schools on its website.

Elementary Schools

In elementary schools, Canyons is well above the state average in all eight SAGE tests. In English Language Arts, Canyons students on average performed 8 to 9 percentage points higher than the state.

3 Schools in the Top 25 - Science

4 Schools in the Top 25 - Language Arts

Middle Schools

In middle schools, Canyons is well above the state average in eight of the nine SAGE tests. For English Language Arts and Science, Canyons students on average performed 10 percentage points higher than the state.

5 of 8 Middle Schools in the Top 25 - English Language Arts 

3 Middle Schools in the Top 25 - Science 

2 Middle Schools in the Top 25 - Mathematics

High Schools

In high schools, Canyons is above the state average in five of the eight SAGE tests. High school English Language Arts scores are on average 4 to 5 percentage points higher than state results, and Secondary Math I results are 7 percentage points higher than state results.

Corner Canyon High School is in the Top 25 - English Language Arts

Brighton High School is in the Top 25 - Mathematics

Also of note: Canyons students did not take the Secondary Math III test last spring because Secondary Math III had not yet been implemented in Canyons as part of the new state core. However, Canyons' state report includes Secondary Math III scores of students who took the test in a previous school but who recently moved into Canyons District. Canyons is implementing Secondary Math III this school year, and looks forward to measuring student achievement in Secondary Math III in the spring 2015 SAGE testing period.

Utah students took the state-mandated SAGE tests for the first time in spring 2014. The tests were designed to measure more challenging state standards in mathematics, English language arts, and science. Because the SAGE tests are different from the CRTs, results of the two tests cannot be compared.

The SAGE tests are one of many measurements of student achievement. Other test data show rising student achievement in Canyons School District.

More information about SAGE, including FAQs and resources for parents, can be found at www.canyonsdistrict.org/sage.