What is the mission of Canyons School District?

On October 4, 2016, CSD’s Board of Education refined the District’s mission statement: Every student who attends Canyons School District will graduate college- and career-ready. The Board also approved a new vision statement to bring the future into sharp focus, inspire daily improvement, and help every employee understand his or her fit and purpose within the organization. Informing this vision, are five tenets: student achievement, community engagement, customer service, innovation and fiscal accountability. These are the pillars upon which this district was built. They are the how, the why, and the means by which the District will achieve its mission, which is to instill within students the character, skills, habits and knowledge needed to succeed in college, thrive in the workplace, and be successful in life. We invite all patrons to visit CSD’s leadership page and learn more about the District’s goals, achievements and leadership.
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