What resources are available to keep my child safe on the Internet at Canyons schools?

The Internet can be an important and useful instrument in education, but, like any tool, using its technology improperly can be harmful. We have several strategies in Canyons District to help keep our students safe while using the Internet. First, teachers at every CSD school have received specialized training on Internet safety and digital citizenship.
We use NetSafe Utah and Common Sense Education curricula to meet the Children’s Internet Protection Act requirements. Parents and guardians can access NetSafe Utah's online videos and resources for families to prepare students to be safe on the Internet at this link: http://www.netsafeutah.org/. Second, Canyons uses a Lightspeed Systems content filter that blocks inappropriate material, based on a database of more than a billion entries. The filter can be adjusted for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, and allow schools to override the filter’s default settings to access specific sites. Searches for Google Images are directed to a separate filter, and if the content is inappropriate, the user is not granted access. These filters prevent inadvertent exposure, however, if a determined user finds a way to access inappropriate content, our Information Technology department can review the Internet history of the person in question for 40 days to determine if administrative action is necessary.
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