Licensed Transfers



  1. Go to:
    • Scroll over the 'Job Seekers' tab and click on 'Licensed Transfers'
  2. Login using your Active Directory username and password. (This is the same username and password you use to access your computer and email accounts.)
  3. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see the following screen:
    • CSD - Job Postings
  4. Under 'Employment Opportunities' you will see all the positions that are available for transfer.
  5. To apply to transfer to one of the positions, click on 'Read More' then click on 'Apply Now.'
    • CSD - Job Postings Apply Now
  6. Once you click on apply now, the licensed transfer request will appear. Your personal information will automatically populate the form. You will need to complete the rest of the required fields that are blank. When you are finished, check the agreement box at the bottom and click "Apply for Job."
    • All information will be saved for future postings. Watch the website for additional transfer opportunities.


CSD - Job Postings Application


  1. You will then be able to cut and paste your resume into the next screen, or you can skip this step by clicking 'Add' at the bottom of the screen.
    • CSD - Job Postings Paste Resume
  2. You have now successfully applied to transfer.
  3. Return to the 'Home' screen to view all the positions for which you have applied.
  4. If a principal selects you for an interview, you will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up for an interview.


What are the two transfer windows this year?
  • "Reconfiguration Transfer Window" opens December 3, 2012 and continues through March 15, 2013. Only internal applicants will be considered for hire during this window. Each transfer position will be open for three working days.
  • The regular "Teacher Transfer Window" opens April 1, 2013. Internal applicants and candidates from the applicant pool will be considered for hire during this window. Each transfer position will be open for three working days beginning April 1, 2013 through May 29, 2013. Transfer requests will be accepted until ten working days (August 6, 2013) prior to New Teacher Orientation.

How do I apply to transfer?

Teachers applying for advertised positions must complete a Licensed Transfer Request online at under the "Job Seekers" tab and must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m. on the day the position closes.

       NOTE: Attaching a current resume is highly recommended.

Who receives my transfer request?

The Licensed Transfer Request, once submitted, will be sent electronically to the principal of the requested school, to your current principal notifying them of your request and to the Department of Human Resources.

How do I know if the principal received my transfer request?

You will be able to view online all the positions for which you have applied. If you have concerns contact Human Resources.

Am I guaranteed an interview?

During the "Reconfiguration Transfer Window" the principal is required to interview a minimum of five qualified transfer candidates, if available. During the "Teacher Transfer Window" the principal is required to interview a minimum of three qualified transfer candidate, if available.

Do I need to be interviewed more than once at a school to be considered for a new posting?

Canyons District employees applying for a transfer will only need to be interviewed once per school during the 2013-2014 hiring season. If the employee does not receive the requested transfer, and another position becomes available at the same school, the teacher submits their teacher application. An additional interview is not required.

Can I apply for more than one open position?

Yes. After a teacher has submitted their initial Licensed Transfer Request, the information will be saved in the system and can be submitted to future open positions.

    Note: WATCH THE WEBSITE – Beginning December 3, 2012 transfer positions will be advertised and will be open for 3 working days. 

When I submit a transfer request, do I lose the teaching position at my school?

No - your teaching position is not declared vacant until you accept a transfer.

I want to transfer, but I'm afraid my principal will be angry.

A principal doesn't expect you to stay at the same school forever. Be honest with your principal and let him/her know that you'd like a change. It may be good to make changes periodically.

What should I do if I have been interviewed for a position and have not been notified if I have been selected? Should I continue to apply for other advertised positions?

After a principal has reached a decision and the teacher who was selected has accepted the position, other interviewees will be notified by the principal. As positions are closed they will be deleted from the web site. Continue to apply until you have accepted a transfer position or you decide to stay in your current position.

How do I know if I received the position?

After receiving authorization from the Department of Human Resources, the principal may extend a verbal offer to the candidate. Principals will notify those who have interviewed, but were not selected, in a timely fashion.