What’s that noise? Could that be the sound of the fire alarm at our neighborhood school?

With fire danger at its peak, people are reasonably concerned about safeguarding their homes and businesses. But don’t be overly alarmed these next few weeks if you hear the sounding of a fire alarm at your neighborhood school—it could be a test-run of the school’s safety equipment. Summer is the optimal time for testing school safety mechanisms, such as, fire alarms, burglary alarms and fire sprinkler systems, because “we’re able to minimize disruption and ensure that our systems are in good working order for the coming school year,” says CSD’s Risk Management Coordinator Kevin Ray. The testing of fire alarms is done is compliance with recommendations by the State Fire Marshall. But CSD has been testing all its safety systems since the District’s inception as a matter of good practice. There is no set schedule for the test. But, if for some reason, you happen to be inside a school building when an alarm goes off, it’s best to assume that it’s a real fire and evacuate immediately—unless you’ve been informed in advance that it’s a scheduled drill or test.
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