How many Canyons District schools offer dual-language immersion programs?

Canyons’ first immersion classes opened in 2009, the same year that the District was founded. The District is now home to 17 elementary and secondary school immersion programs with the expected addition of two more schools in 2018-2019 (see list below). Statewide, more than 32,000 students in 160 schools are learning Chinese, French, German, Portuguese  — and now Russian — under the immersion model, which extends through high school where students who pass the Advanced Placement exam with a 3 or above can start taking upper division college-level courses for early college credit. The higher education partner that’s co-teaching CSD’s college-level courses is the University of Utah. Curious about the courses and how they’ll operate? You can find more information on CSD’s homepage.

Elementary DLI Schools

  • Alta View Elementary - (Spanish)
  • Butler Elementary - (French)
  • Draper Elementary - (Chinese)
  • Lone Peak Elementary - (Chinese)
  • Midvale Elementary - (Spanish)
  • Oak Hollow Elementary - (French)
  • Ridgecrest Elementary - (Chinese)
  • Silver Mesa Elementary - (Spanish)
Secondary DLI Schools, 2017-2018

  • Butler Middle School - (Chinese & French)
  • Draper Park Middle School - (Chinese & French)
  • Indian Hills Middle School - (Chinese)
  • Midvale Middle School - (Spanish)
  • Mt. Jordan Middle School - (Spanish)
  • Union MIddle School - (Spanish)
  • Alta Hish School - (Chinese)
  • Corner Canyon High School - (Chinese & French)
  • Jordan High School - (Spanish)
Projected Additional High Schols, 2018-2019

  • Hillcrest - (Spanish)
  • Brighton - (Chinese & French)
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