What does CSD do to help students transition to middle school and high school?

Moving up from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school can be exciting and anxiety-producing for students and parents. But Canyons District’s schools have programs and traditions in place to ease the transition and prepare students for success. In the winter, middle school teachers often drop by elementary schools in their feeder system to meet with fifth-graders and talk about the different elective courses that are available in grades 6-8. Middle school guidance counselors meanwhile are meeting with eighth-graders and their parents to explain high school graduation requirements and map out academic plans tailored to students’ college and career aspirations. Over the summer, families will receive detailed information about online registration. And in the fall, middle schools open their doors to incoming sixth-graders a day early to allow them to find their classes and try opening their lockers for the first time. For parents of students with special needs, the District also sponsors
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